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How to organize my forms into folders?
How to organize my forms into folders?
How to organize your forms into folders in the Mobile Form Builder
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To make organizing and controlling your forms easier, you can categorize them into folders.

These folders will appear on the Mobile Form Builder (web platform). This way, you can categorize your forms to find them faster: Commercial, Technical, Administrative, etc.

You can define the name of these folders and you can create as many folders as you like.

To start using this feature, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Mobile Forms Builder section and click on the gear icon (⚙️):

2. Click on Manage folders:

3. Click Download Template to download the Excel template spreadsheet of the platform:

4. In this Excel, you must fill in the form and folder name (existing or to be created).

The platform will preload all existing form names and IDs in your account, so you can fill in only the folder names.

If you don't want to add a form to a folder, just delete the data for that form from the downloaded Excel file.

You must not change the data structure in Excel (line 1).

The data that you will need to be completed is as follows:

  • ID: the form ID. On the form you want to obtain the ID, click on Configure> Modify App, according to the image below to obtain it's URL:

*On this example, the Form ID is 492821.

  • Name: Name of the form (exactly the one that appears in the Name column of the mobile forms section).

  • Folder: Folder name (new name if it does not exist or exactly the same name that appears in the mobile forms section if it already exists)

5. Save the Excel file in .XLSX (Excel Book) format to import it back to the platform, selecting the file and clicking Import:

6. All set! Now you can return to the Mobile Forms section to check your folders and forms.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our Support team through the platform's Chat.

TIP: If you need to create more folders later, there is no need to upload the Excel file with the forms that are already on existing folders. Simply upload a new Excel with the new forms on existing or new folders! They will be added, not replaced.


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