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How do I make GPS data (latitude and longitude) appear on my forms?
How do I make GPS data (latitude and longitude) appear on my forms?

Your form's submissions at DataScope automatically displays latitude and longitude data.

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The GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) from where the form was filled out will be collected and displayed automatically on all forms submissions done through the DataScope application.

It is not necessary to perform any special procedure or configuration on your forms for the GPS location to be recorded.

Simply enable DataScope access in your device's settings:

📌 High accuracy GPS: How to activate it?

To get a more accurate location, you can go from your mobile app to Setup > and enable High Accuracy GPS.

It is possible that this option consumes more battery power on your mobile device.

Other recommendations:

  • Try to keep your device up high and in open areas, for best results.

  • Make sure to keep your device charged while running GPS applications. Low battery levels are one of the main reasons for lost signals on your device.

  • Restart your device and/or turn GPS off/on several times. It may help too often, resetting helps the GPS system recalibrate itself, which can lead to better signal reception."

The margin of error and the accuracy of the geolocation used depend on the precision of the device in use. Similarly, we share some data:

  • Standard GPS Accuracy: Without additional assistance, the standard GPS accuracy on Android devices is typically within a range of 4.9 meters (16 feet) under open sky conditions. However, this can be significantly affected by factors such as obstacles (buildings, trees), atmospheric conditions, and the quality of the GPS receiver in the device.

  • High Accuracy Mode (Assisted GPS or AGPS): When AGPS is used, which combines GPS with Wi-Fi data, cell towers, and other sensors, accuracy can significantly improve. In urban environments with good network connectivity and minimal obstructions, accuracy can be within a few meters.


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