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Automatically generate a PDF in seconds with the DataScope Add-on for Google or Excel Spreadsheet

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This add-on allows you to automatically generate multiple PDF documents from a table in Google Sheets or any Excel document.

You can also customize the PDF in the DataScope PDF Editor and export the document according to your needs.

📌 Installation

To install the Excel Line to PDF add-on, you must access this link and click the Install button.

📌 How to use it?

  1. Once the installation is complete, to run the add-on, you must open the Google Sheet / Excel that you want to generate the PDF and click on Add-ons > Excel Rows to PDF> Launch PDF Builder, as shown in the following image:

2. Click on "Generate PDF"

➡️ Important: the header of the document needs to be on the first line of the Sheet (mandatory).

*On the Advanced Configuration you will be able to:

  • Change e-mail: allows you to change the DataScope account to which you want to export the form

3. Access with your DataScope account. If you don't already have one, you will be redirected to create your account for free in this next step:

4. Once the form is exported, the platform will present a confirmation and the remaining menu options will be displayed, as shown in the image below:

The options available in the Add-on menu are:

  • Export Next Row: transforms the next Excel / Google Sheet line into a new PDF (and so on).

  • Edit PDF: allows you to access the DataScope PDF editor and customize your layout

  • View responses: view your PDFs on the DataScope Web platform

  • Re-generate PDF: Allows you to return to the default settings.

  • Modify email notification: allows you to change the automatic email sent with the PDF document

5. All set!

The generated PDF will be automatically sent to your email and you can also access it at the link created directly in your Excel / Google Spreadsheet:

You can also access it from the Resume tab of your DataScope account to download it directly:

The first export will generate a PDF with all columns and the first row from Excel or Google Sheet.

If you want to generate other PDFs for the other lines, click on the "Export Next Row" button in the Add-on Menu to continue exporting. Each line below will generate a new PDF.

6. If you wish to, you can also access the PDF Editor to further customize the layout of your new PDF document:


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