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How can I view my form?

What can I do to view my form created in DataScope?

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📌 Want to see how your form looks after it was created?

Once your form is saved, you can click "Share" and scan the generated QR from your mobile device:

Just access the DataScope application, on any mobile device (smartphone or tablet):

  • Download for Android (Play Store):

  • Download for iOS (Apple Store):

After the application is installed, you will be able to login using your user credentials (email) and password.

*Remember to respect the uppercase and lowercase letters in the password

Access the "Forms" tab on the application to view your newly created form.

  • You can also generate a public link to complete your form from the web:

📌 Want to see how your form looks like in PDF format?

First you need to generate a response in the application. Then, access the Resume section on the Web Platform ( to see how your form looks on a PDF format.

  • You can click on the answer in the Activity section to open it.

  • In this section, to view it in a PDF format, you can "E-mail backup" or "Download" the PDF directly.


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