How can I replace a user?

Steps on how to replace a user on your DataScope account

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1. Basic plan (free)

You can add as many users as you want to your account. If you want to replace a user, follow the instructions below.

2. Standard, Premium or Enterprise plans (paid)

If you need to replace a user in your account, you need to disable a user and then activate a new one. Thus, it will maintain the same number of licenses that were contracted.

To do so, follow these steps:

1) You must first access the Web Platform> Users and, to the right of each user's name, there is a trash can icon. To disable it, click on this icon. That user will leave the Activated section and will now be in the Deactivated section.

*If, in the future, you want to activate them again, simply access them in the Deactivated section and click on the circular arrow icon.

2) Now that a user has already been deactivated, you can activate a new user according to the instructions described in this article:

If the user you want to add to your account already has an account created in DataScope (an independent account), follow the instructions in this article:



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