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How much does a DataScope subscription costs? What are the available plans?
How much does a DataScope subscription costs? What are the available plans?

Plan and Pricing

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Our goal is for every organization to have tools for digitalization at their fingertips. That is the reason why we offer suitable subscriptions to meet the different needs of our customers. Check below our current options:

📌 Basic

This is our free plan and is designed to meet the basic needs of our customers. With this subscription, you can only have two types of forms (in addition to the default templates). Subscribers of the basic plan have 60 form responses per month and these forms remain in the platform for 30 days after the data collection.

Users can export the data to PDF or to an Excel spreadsheet. Support in the Basic plan is available via email and chat on the website.

* If the 60 monthly responses are exceeded, it is possible to continue filling out more forms, but they can only be viewed through a plan upgrade.

📌 Standard

Unlike the basic plan, the Standard plan offers access to unlimited form templates and responses. The answers stored can be accessed at any time during the period of subscription.

The standard subscription also allows generating automatic email notifications when a form is completed as well as creating forms with conditional logic questions.

📌 Premium

The premium plan is designed for customers who need more robust solutions for their business.

With Premium, you can access the Tasks module, with allows you to easily monitor the completion of tasks assigned to a team. A chat feature is also available, facilitating the communication between users within the app.

This subscription allows integrating DataScope with other platforms such as Google Sheets, Zapier or any other system via API.

📌 Enterprise

Our Enterprise subscription is aimed to meet the needs of large organizations (over 20 users). In such cases, a specific solution is designed according to the business processes of the company. Should you be interested in purchasing an Enterprise subscription, please contact us for an evaluation of the project.

*In annual plans, the full amount will be charged upon payment. In monthly plans, the charge will automatically be renewed every month, unless cancellation is required.


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