What is DataScope?

DataScope is a tool to manage work teams and collect data in the field in an efficient and simple way

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DataScope is the ideal tool to get rid of paperwork, save time and collect data efficiently from the field


The platform allows your team to answer personalized mobile forms (even offline), from their phones or tablets through the DataScope App.

All the information collected is available to be viewed in real-time, exported, or integrated with other software.


How does it work?

The implementation of DataScope can be summarized in three simple steps:

1. Create, edit and assign the forms

Easily create and edit the forms using our Forms Builder. Add photos, signatures, geolocation, checklists, and many other types of questions to your forms to receive key information about your business.

You can also assign the forms as tasks, so your work team knows which forms they should answer each day, indicating the place and time.

2. Data Collection

The work team answers the forms easily from their phones or tablets. The app has different tools that allow your team to report easier and faster than using paper

3. Data Analysis

All the information collected is available to:

  • Be visualized in real-time on our Website

  • Be exported in PDF or Excel

  • Be automatically graphed in our Dashboards section

  • Be integrated with more than 1,500 platforms using Zapier or also with any system that they use in your company, through our API.

Use Cases

 Check how DataScope can help in the different processes of your organization!



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