Creating your forms
How to use the Form Builder?Guide to getting started with DataScope using our form builder.
How to import the new COVID-19 forms into my DataScope account?Instructions on how to add into your account the new standard forms to prevent contagion by COVID-19 in your workplace.
How can I view my form?What can I do to view my form created in DataScope?
How to edit a form?Steps to edit a DataScope Form already created
Can I duplicate a form?Is it posible to duplicate a form so I don't have to add all the questions again manually?
How to import a template form?How to import and modify a DataScope template form available on our form library
How to create related listsSteps to create related lists in the construction of your forms
How can I create sections on my forms?Steps to create sections on your forms (Standard PDF) using the Form Builder
How can I change my form's name?Steps to change the name of your form in the Forms.
How to use conditional questions?Use skip-logic to show or hide some questions based on the answers.
How can I write longer questions on my forms?Details on how to use the "Question Instructions" field to add longer questions to your forms.
How to delimit a response interval?Steps to set a limit between the response alternatives on your DataScope forms
Is it possible to create more than one condition in conditional questions?Steps to create different conditions using Conditional Questions in DataScope.
What types of questions may be required?These are the types of questions that can be marked as mandatory on your forms.
How to delete a formSteps to disable or delete a form created using the DataScope Forms
Can I add more than one photo to my form's submissions?Find out how to add more than one photo to your form's submissions at DataScope
How to make calculations on the forms?Guide to do automatic calculations using the platform lists
Can I verify that a text has email address formatting?Steps to validate an email address in a text question
How to reactivate a form?Steps to reactivate a form that has been disabled