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Advanced configurations
Advanced configurations

Learn how to customize your PDFs, set emails notifications, organize forms into folders, and more.

How to customize my account with the information and logo of my organization?Steps to customize DataScope with the data and logo of your organization
How to customize the PDF generated in DataScope?A practical guide to customize the format of the PDF document that is generated with the responses of the forms.
How can I configure the automatic notifications by email?This article deliveries instructions to configure automatic notifications through email.
How to show the GPS location map on the Standard PDF?Steps to activate the geolocation map in your standard PDF.
How to show the GPS location map on the Custom PDF?Steps to show the geolocation map in your custom PDF.
How can I notify customers each time a form is filled out?Learn how to automatically notify your customers whenever a service is performed in a specific location
Can I customize the graphics in the Dashboard section (web platform)?How to obtain even more personalized graphics to perform your analysis of the data collected with DataScope.
Conditional Questions with the option "Other"How to create conditional questions so that when selecting the alternative "Other", a new question appears.
How to organize my forms into folders?How to organize your forms into folders in the Form
DataScope chatHow to use DataScope's chat between users
Security and technical specificationsDetails on data security and technical specifications at DataScope
How to change your account's language?Step on how to change your account language on the Web Platform or mobile app
How to view my account details (security and changes)Details on how to increase the security of your account and view changes made to the Web Platform
How to grant access to DataScope Support Agent?Grant login access to a DataScope Support Agent