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Mobile Forms App
Mobile Forms App

Learn more about the mobile application and how to use it

Can DataScope work offline?Learn how DataScope can work offline
What are the minimum device requirements for running DataScope app?Information about device requirements to use DataScope platform

How to answer a form from the web?Step by step to complete an online form
How to complete a form in DataScope?Instruction on how the users of your account can complete a form using the DataScope app
How to install the DataScope application on your mobile device?Instructions on how to download and install the DataScope application on your mobile device so you can complete forms
How to generate a link to share your forms from DataScopeHow to share your forms with a public link (URL)
How to modify an answer already sent from my device?Instructions on how to modify the responses of a submitted form.
How to modify data on a form submission using the Web Platform?Steps to modify data on a form submission using the DataScope Web Platform.
Can I modify responses sent by another user?How to modify or change responses sent by another user in DataScope.
How to update a list from your mobile?How to update a list that have been changed on the form so you can see the new information while answering a form at DataScope
How to synchronize my forms?
How to recover a deleted answer?Steps to recover a response that was deleted in the DataScope app
How to synchronize changes made to a form on my device?Instructions on how to update or synchronize the application manually on a device to see the changes that were made in a form
How do I turn Location Services on or off for DataScope?How to check if DataScope has permission to access your location while answering a form?
How do I make GPS data (latitude and longitude) appear on my forms?Your form's submissions at DataScope automatically displays latitude and longitude data.
What happens if I don't have a GPS signal when filling out a form?In this case, the form may show the last available geolocation point or present this data as empty.
What happens to the GPS data if I modify an answer?Details about latitude and longitude information when an answer is modified.
How to search for specific items in a large list from the App?Instructions on how to use application filters and easily search for items on a list
If I modify an answer, does the platform generates a new document?What happens when I modify a response already sent using the DataScope app?
How to delete an answer?Steps to delete an answer form the platform
How to delete draft forms?Tips for eliminating incomplete or drafts forms in the DataScope application.
How to view multiple questions on a single screen?Is it possible to place several questions into the same screen?
How can I adjust the quality of the photos in my forms?Steps to adjust the quality of the photos in your DataScope forms.
I can't take photos with the DataScope applicationPlease check your device’s memory and permission
How to send a form's answer via email through the application?How to send a completed form to one or more emails directly through the DataScope application.
How to export my forms directly from the app?Steps on how to export your forms directly from the DataScope application
Can I start to fill a form on the computer and then finish it through the application?Yes, you can start a form submission on the computer and finish it in the field, through our app.
How to show periods or commas on the DataScope app keyboard
How to increase text size in the DataScope app?Instructions on how to increase or reduce text size on iOS and Android devices
How to avoid misspellings in your forms?Instructions on how to activate the auto-corrector on your mobile device so you can avoid misspellings in the DataScope forms
How can I know if I have the updated DataScope App version?Review my current version of DataScope and update it if necessary
How can I solve doubts through the application?
What can I do if my Android device starts to run slow?Tips on how to make the most out of your Android system while using DataScope
How do I search for an answer in the DataScope application?Steps to find an answer sent via the DataScope mobile app in the app itself.
I can't modify the responses to my forms. What to do?Make sure your user is allowed to modify responses made via the DataScope mobile app.