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How to integrate Google Sheets into Power BI?

Step by step on how to connect Google Sheets to Power BI

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Before connecting Google Sheets through the web connector, you need to publish your Google Sheet to the web.

In Google Sheets, open the file you want to use in Power BI. Then click File, then Share, and finally — Publish to web.

On Publish to Web window, click the Published content and settings to view more sheet controls.

You can select the entire document to include all the sheets in your spreadsheets or select the individual sheets you want to publish.

You can check off automatic republishing if you would not like your changes to be published every time you make them.

To finish, click Publish.

Finally, copy the link to your spreadsheets, and let’s go back to Power BI,

If you didn’t see it, or you opened Get Data from elsewhere, select Web from the list of All or Other data sources on the Get Data dialog box, and click Connect.

On the Web dialog box, paste your published Google Sheets URL. Then select all the tables that you want to connect to Power BI on the Navigator dialog.

Once you have selected the tables if you need to clean up your data before loading, click Transform Data. Otherwise, click Load.

And there you have it! Your data is now available in Power BI and straight from your Google Sheets!


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