Power BI Desktop allows you to connect your data directly from DataScope.

To connect your data:

  1. Select Get data from the Home menu. Selecting the down arrow or the Get Data button text, displays the Most Common data types menu as seen in the following image:

Selecting More ... from the Most Common menu displays the Get Data window. You can also open the Get Data window (and skip the Most Common menu) by selecting the Get Web icon:

After this you can add the link next to the token of your account.

To obtain the API key to access your account data, you must enter the Integrations section of the DataScope web platform.

All your requests must contain your API key, that has the following format:

Authorization: b1cd93mfls9fdmfkadn23

You can add the following link:


You will be able to see all the forms completed in the last 7 days, or you can add parameters such as extend the date range, specific forms or more that you can find in this documentation.


On this button below you will find the necessary documentation so you can add parameters that match your requirements:

Further you can transform the data into a Table:

And select relevant information for your analysis:

After that you will be able to make the charts and graphics that matches your needs,  with the information that is most relevant to you and your business.


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