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How to massively download PDFs

Learn how to export the information from submitted forms to Excel or a PDF file!

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To visualize in your browser the information collected using the app, you have to click on the Resume tab.

To export the obtained results in PDF, just use the platform filters to find the data, click on the Export button (orange color) and complete the requested fields, just like the image below:


1- An Excel file will be generated with the PDF download links. You can click on the links to open each document.

2- The export is done page by page in the Resumo section:

For example, in the image above you see that filtering the data shows 306 forms. However, when exporting this data to PDF, only the data from the page you are viewing (page 1, page 2, page 3, etc) will be exported.

Therefore, you will have to position yourself on each page and perform the same procedure to export them in their entirety.

After exporting the data in Excel you will receive several links. Do you need to download all of them massively? Below are the instructions:

📌 Google add-on to automatically download all PDFs from your Excel file

For you to be able to download PDFs automatically, without clicking one by one, you will need to make some changes and have a Google Chrome add-on.

Here are the instructions:

  • First, in the Excel file, we need to replace the link like this:

That's it. This add-on will take all the links you copied and start downloading them one by one.


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