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How to manage users in DataScope subscriptions?
How to manage users in DataScope subscriptions?

Information on how to add or reduce users from your paid subscription.

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Our plans are charged per user. That is, each person who accesses the application to collect data through their smartphones or tablets is considered a user.

⚠️ Important: When adding a user to your account, you are purchasing space for users to register, but it does not track the activities that this user has within the system, meaning the value is not defined by the user's performed functions but by the space occupied by the added user.

Add users to your subscription

To add users to your account, go to the Settings tab > Billing on our web platform, select the plan of your choice:

To subscribe, you must provide:

  1. The number of users.

  2. The type of subscription: whether it is monthly or annual.

  3. Your credit card details.

  4. And finally, click on the subscribe button:

*In our annual plans, the subscription fee will be charged in full at the time of enrollment and there will be no refunds.

Reduce the number of users in your subscription

To remove or reduce users from your subscription, you must go to the Settings tab > Billing on our web platform, then click on "Change the number of users" and decrease the desired number of users and finally select modify:

Automatically the day of your subscription will be changed and the corresponding proportion will be charged.

Note that if the system does not allow reducing the number of users, it is possible that you have not deactivated the user, for this you can go to the Settings > Users option.

If you have any questions about your payments, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Support team through the Chat on our platform.


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