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What are the functionalities of DataScope?
What are the functionalities of DataScope?

Do you want to know more about DataScope? Here we delivery you information about the platform's functionalities

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In DataScope we have different functionalities that allow the collection of information to be a simple process. Here we present the main features:

Work offline

We know that in the collection of information in the field there is not always an Internet connection. This is why our forms can work while you don't have internet, and then synchronize all the information when you have a connection again.


Our forms allow you to register the location where the form was filled. This way you can manage the activities of your work team and be sure that the information comes from the correct location.

Robust Forms

The Forms Builder allows you to create robust forms that can record more and better information than paper forms. Easily add to your forms check-lists, photographs, barcode reading, databases and much more!

Administration of Users and Permissions

Easily manage the users of your work team. Each one can be configured with different levels of permissions to ensure the correct functioning of the platform and the security of the data.

Notifications via email

Automatically notify the wanted emails each time a form is answered. In this way, people interested in the process can have real-time notifications of the company's operations.

Task Assign

With our Task Assignment tools, you can quickly plan the activities of the work team. You can easily monitor the fulfillment of tasks, while the work team can know at all times what are the activities entrusted and the optimal route.

List Management

Easily manage customer databases or custom lists to simplify the way you answer your forms. So users can choose the answer and avoid having to write it.


We know that data is important for our customers and even more when it is useful for analysis. For this reason that DataScope can be integrated into various software among which are: ERP, CRM, Databases, Google Tools, Microsoft Tools, and more than 1,300 others!

Automatic Dashboards

We have a Dashboards Module that automatically graphs the data collected with DataScope. If you need custom graphics, consult our custom graphics.

Platform customization

DataScope fits your business. Put the information and logos of your organization to customize the application, PDFs and notification emails.

We invite you to be part of the Digital Transformation and modernize your operations easily !


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