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What customer support does DataScope offer?
What customer support does DataScope offer?

Information about customer support

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One of the important things to consider when purchasing a technology solution -  and software in particular - is to determine the scope and quality of the technical support covered by the platform of the service acquired.

DataScope has a well-trained support team prepared to advise on both technical advice and platform queries.

When you subscribe to DataScope, you will have full technical support throughout the period of your subscription.

> Technical support includes:

  • Telephone assistance service

  • Chat assistance service

  • Email support service

  • Remote access support service

> Office hours (all year long): 

  • Monday to Friday: 9am - 5 pm (CLT)

> Email:

> Customer service telephone numbers:

  • United States: +1 (562) 373 0209

  • Mexico: +52 (55) 4164 9595

  • Brazil: +55 (11) 3230 9444

  • Chile: +56 (2) 2897 7444

  • Colombia: +57 (300) 929 4475


DataScope has a team of experts available** to offer full support and training on the use of DataScope software. This service provides complete guidance and helps customers to make the most out of the software functionalities, allowing better performance of daily tasks, with high quality and in the shortest time possible.

** Applicable only to subscriptions with more than 8 users


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