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Can I connect DataScope to a Database?
Can I connect DataScope to a Database?

Yes, from DataScope it is possible to connect to various applications that allow data management.

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Databases are tools that facilitate the management, organization and storage of large databases. In DataScope, it is possible to integrate with different platforms, including: MySQL, MS SQL Server and BigQuery.

📌 How does it work?

The information collected from DataScope will be automatically stored in any of the databases with which you are working, allowing you greater control, centralization and access to your information.

📌 How can I connect to the Database?

  1. Access the Integrations tab from your account on the DataScope Web Platform and select the Database option:

2. Select the tool you want to connect with, by clicking the Integrate button:

3. Depending on the chosen tool, you must complete the data to connect to the database, selecting the corresponding form and then clicking confirm.

Important: Each target database has different parameters, depending on its configuration.

⚠️ ****** After completing the integration, you must request activation.

Ask our support team to activate this function through the platform chat.


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