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Can I start to fill a form on the computer and then finish it through the application?
Can I start to fill a form on the computer and then finish it through the application?

Yes, you can start a form submission on the computer and finish it in the field, through our app.

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Yes you can start filling out a form through your computer, at the office for example, and finish it in the field through our application.

To do this, check the following steps:

1) Generate a link to share your form

To obtain a link and be able to access your form through your computer, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Access the Mobile Form Builder tab

  2. Click on Configure > Share* on the form you would like to share

    *cannot see the Share button? Ask our Support team to activate this functionality through the Platform's Chat.

  3. Select the option "Share this form with an email":

A private link will be sent to those emails that belong to registered users of your DataScope account.

2) Start completing your form through your computer

Now, respond to the form using the link and submit it.

As soon as it is identified that the email of the user who is responding to the form is the same email as your user in DataScope, the responses will be assigned to your user: they will automatically be sent to the Resume tab (Web Platform) and you will also be able to access them through the app (My History > Completed section).

3) Modify the form in the field (through the application)

Modify the form to continue filling it out in the field, through the DataScope application.

To do this, click on My History > Completed > select the form > click on Change Form Answer to continue filling the form sent with the data obtained in the field.

Once finished, click to Submit and update the response.

Can't see the Change Form Answer button on the application?

Check if your user has the necessary access to perform this operation:


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