If there is no GPS signal (geolocation) at the place where the form is being filled out, one of two scenarios may occur:

  • If the device used to answer the form contains its own internal GPS device, it will always find the GPS signal, even if there is no network coverage. In this case, the device will store the latitude and longitude data from which the response was created and send it as soon as the data is synchronized.

  • If the device used uses a GPS application (most common on smartphones and tablets) and there is no GPS signal at the response location, it will not be possible to record this data. In this case, you will be able to view the last available geolocation point or this information will appear blank when the data is exported.

In some cases, the lack of a GPS signal does not depend on the DataScope system, but on the device.

*To verify that, perform a simple test: access a map application (like Google Maps) from your device and see where the location point is marked. If you do not have a good signal or if the GPS is off or unavailable, it will show a point earlier than the current one.



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