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Can I integrate DataScope with Microsoft Power Automate?
Can I integrate DataScope with Microsoft Power Automate?

Yes, you can connect the data collected in the DataScope with Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow).

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Yes, it is possible to connect the data collected in DataScope with the Microsoft environment through Microsoft Power Automate (Microsoft Flow).

📌 What is it?

Previously called Microsoft Flow, Microsoft Power Automate allows you to automate tasks, processes and workflows by connecting two or more applications (Office 365 and third parties), transferring information from one application to another.

It works on the IFTTT (if this, then that) system, where you can receive notifications, synchronize files, collect data from almost any source or integrate information systems to improve productivity and optimize processes.

📌 How does it work?

You can start from one of the predefined templates that Microsoft created or start from scratch, creating your own stream.

The goal is to create a "flow" of the task. A "flow" is composed of two things: triggers (an event that executes the flow) and actions (process to be executed).

An example of a "trigger" that initiates a "flow" could be the submission of a DataScope form. The "action" will consist of saving the document in a specific folder on OneDrive. In this way, automatically, we will have all forms filed in the corresponding folder on OneDrive.

Other examples of use with DataScope: sending responses to Microsoft Excel Online, Power BI, Microsoft OneDrive, among others.

📌 How to integrate DataScope using Power Automate?

In this link you will find the DataScope connector*:

*Beta mode. There may be restrictions depending on your region.

The credentials for integrating Microsoft Power Automate and DataScope are your API key, available in the Integrations tab of the Web Platform:

To start, choose one of the available templates or create one from scratch, with the DataScope trigger ("When a response is submitted"), choosing the form you want to integrate and the action that follows.


In the link below, you will find more information about the documentation for the DataScope connector in Microsoft Power Automate:


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