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Conditional Questions with the option "Other"
Conditional Questions with the option "Other"

How to create conditional questions so that when selecting the alternative "Other", a new question appears.

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Conditional questions allow you to establish a logical order in the questions on the form.

This order depends on the answers that the user enters in a Single Option Data type of question, that is, which application "skips" some questions if the previous answer meets a specific condition.

If you wish to create a form where the user will see a new question if he has selected the option "Others" (like a text question so that he can describe more information for example), observe the following steps:

  1. For conditional questions, you should always choose the question "Single Option Data". In this question, add an alternative with the answer "Other":

2. The next question will be the one that will open if the answer is "Other". In this case, it will be a Text-type question where the respondent can write the other option.

This question is that you must configure the jump condition (in Advanced Options> Skip question):

IF Housing Type IS Not Equal

TO Other GO TO Next question

(therefore skip this current question)

3. All set. To check your form, access your form in the DataScope application, on your mobile device.

Note: This feature (conditional questions) is available only on our Standard, Premium and Enterprise Plans.


Check out this explanatory video on Conditional Questions:


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