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How to view my account details (security and changes)
How to view my account details (security and changes)

Details on how to increase the security of your account and view changes made to the Web Platform

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In DataScope, you can define the security complexity of your account (access password) and also review the changes that each user made to their forms, lists or other elements, through the Web Platform.

To do this, the user must be the account Administrator.

On your Web Platform, access the Settings > App Settings tab and click on Advanced Configuration> Security Center:

Within this section, you will find the following detailed items below:

  • Devices

  • Audit log

  • Password

📌 Devices:

Click on "More Information" to review the details of the devices used by your users on this account. See more details such as the list of users, data from their last session, the IP and the last device on which that the user has submitted responses.

📌Audit log:

Click on "View report" and you can view a report with the history of all changes made to your account, such as changes to lists, forms or other elements, and with details:

  • Change date and time

  • What item has been changed

  • Which user made the change

By clicking on the information icon (below), you will have all the details about the change that has been done:

Want to restrict changes access to your users?

Click on the following article to learn more:

📌 Password:

Password complexity can be customized, such as minimum length and the mandatory use of uppercase, lowercase letters and / or symbols.

Don't forget to click on Save to save the changes made to your account's security.

*If you have changed the complexity of your account passwords, the existing passwords will not expire. The new complexity rule will apply to new passwords created inside your account.


📌 My account was blocked. What can I do?

If, when trying to access your account at or in the application, you receive the message "Your account has been blocked", you have probably exceeded the limit of attempts to enter your password data.

Click on "Forgot my password" to retrieve it through your email registered at DataScope.

If you still have difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us through the Platform Support Chat:


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