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Details of the integration of DataScope with Zapier - Actions

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After you set up your Zap trigger, the next step is to add an action to your Zap. An action is a job your Zap performs when your trigger event occurs.


When an inspection and failure form is completed, assign a new task to the same location and user for the next week. The action is to assign a new task.

📌 Details of DataScope integration with Zapier - Actions

Here is a breakdown of some of the most used Zapier actions in DataScope:

➡️ Assign Task

This action allows you to assign a new task in DataScope


*Form Name: Form to assign a task

*User Email: Identify the user who needs to perform the task

*Location Name: Assign to a specific location or create a new one

Location Address: Update or create the address of the location. If blank will conserve the old address.

Task Instruction: Define an internal instruction for the mobile user

Task Date: Define the date when the task must be performed.

Assign ID: Define a custom ID for the task assign for the traceability. If it's blank will be auto-generated. (new)


When an Inspection form is performed and fails, assign a new Task for the same location and user for the next week.

➡️ Change Form Status

This action allows you to change the status of a form answer


Form Status: Select the status of the defined in the platform.

Form Name: Identify the name of the form

Form Code: Code of the specific form


When some value of the form is lower than 0, then change the status of the form as rejected.

➡️ Modify Form Answer (NEW)

This action allows you to change an existing answer or creating a new to any submission.


*Form name: Select the form to modify

*Form Code: Select the code to identify the submission

*Question Name: Select the name of an already existing question in the form or a new one.

*Question Value: Select the value of that question.


When a new submission is performed then generate a new value with a custom formula.

These and other pre-configured triggers are available at:


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