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How to import the new COVID-19 forms into my DataScope account?
How to import the new COVID-19 forms into my DataScope account?

Instructions on how to add into your account the new standard forms to prevent contagion by COVID-19 in your workplace.

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Import the new forms into your account

At DataScope, we have developed free forms for our customers to use on preventing contagion by Coronavirus (COVID-19) in their workplace.

These prevention forms have been included by default into new DataScope accounts, but existing accounts must import them manually, as follows:

📌 How to do it?

  • First, access the following website:

  • Locate the form that you would like to import and click on the link. For this example, we will use the "Hygiene Protocols". 

  • This link will redirect you to the DataScope website. If you are not logged in, the platform will display the Login form for you to access your account.

  • Once inside your account, a message like the one below will appear. Click on the Import button.

  • You will then be redirected to the Forms, where you will see a message at the top of the screen. Simply update the page and the imported document should appear at the end of your form's list.

All set! Now you can start editing or using your new form.


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