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How to update your list of locations?
How to update your list of locations?

How to make changes to your database, in the locations you have created

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To insert or edit a customer in your Location Book, you must access the DataScope Web Platform and then Settings> Lists.

In the Location List section you will find customers to edit (to do so click on the pencil icon) or else you can create a new customer manually by clicking on "New Location":

Then fill in the data for the new Customer and click on Save.


If you want to change or add multiple customers, you can do it massively by importing an Excel file.

  1. To update the list of locations, you must enter the web portal go to Settings> Lists and then click on Export, where you will export the complete database in .XLS format of your previously loaded locations.

2. Then you can add new locations to the archive, maintaining the order and the initial format of the exported Excel document.

  • Code (Código): Each location in the list must have a unique code

  • Name (Nombre): Here you can add the name of the subsidiary, this must be a unique name. This column appears in the filters and in the application

  • Description (Descripción): Free space to complement location information, this information, like the name, also appears in the application

  • Company Name (Nombre Empresa): Here you can add the name of the company, a company can have several locations

  • Company Num (Num Empresa): Here you can add the company registration number

  • Address (Dirección): Here you can add the address of the location

  • City (Ciudad): Here you can add the City of the location

  • Region (Región): Here you can add the Region of the location

  • Country (País): Here you can add the Country of the location

  • Latitude and Longitude: Here you can load the coordinates of the location, to obtain information about whether the form was answered on site or not.

  • Email: Here you can pre-load the mailing list you wish to notify when finalizing a form. You can add one or more addresses separated by a comma and a space: Ex:,

3. When the file is ready, you must save it in .xlsx format and import it again on the platform, using the "Import Locations" button, as shown in the following image:


1. You must save the file in .XLSX format to import it again.

2. If you want to remove an item from the list, it is recommended to first delete it from the Web Platform, in order to export the latest version without the item.

3. You Locations List can be found on the Forms (Data List Source) by the following name: "List of Locations".


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