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How to call a list of predetermined answers in a question?
How to call a list of predetermined answers in a question?

Discover how the lists can facilitate access to previously registered answers

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When the same form is used daily, the answers can often be repeated, mainly when we talk about customers, products or activities. In that case, with DataScope it is possible to save lists with pre-defined answers and then display them within a question.

To use this function simply enter the Forms tab and select one of the following questions:

  • Checklist

  • Checkbox

  • Number Data

  • Text Data

  • Single Option Data

Open the question, click on "New List of Data" and choose one of the lists that have already been added to your account previously.

If you have not previously created the list, you can create it in this step, using the Add List Value button.

⚠️ On the "New List of Data" list, your locations list is named as "List of locations".

  • Tip: Whenever you create a list within a question, this list will be automatically saved in your DataScope account and can be used in other questions or forms. So, when you want to add a new value, you can do it within that list, and you won't have to modify all the forms.


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