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How to modify the elements of a custom list?
How to modify the elements of a custom list?

Steps to modify, add or delete elements from a custom list.

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There are two options for updating your custom list at DataScope:

1. Manually

You can change the lists manually and directly on the platform.

1. To update a list directly on the platform, you must go to Settings> Lists> Custom lists and click on the icon corresponding to the list you want to update.

An element can be:

  • edited = click on the pencil icon

  • deleted = click the trash can icon

2. Click the pencil icon to modify the elements directly. If you want to change the list's name or add more elements, click on "Edit List":

You can now modify:

  • the name of your list

  • its elements by clicking on the pencil icon of each element

  • add a new object to the list

3. Click Save whenever you want to save the changes made.

2. Massively

Another option is to change the lists in bulk by exporting an Excel document with all the lists currently loaded on the platform.

1. To extract the file with the lists, you must go to Settings> Lists> Custom list> Export Massive:

2. Enter the e-mail to which you want to export the file:

3. The exported file will arrive at the indicated email and you can make the adjustments you want in a massive way.

4. To import the lists back to the platform, save the Excel file in .xlxs format and click on "Import Lists":

5. Ready! Your lists will be imported into the platform.

Remember that the name of your new list will be the name of the spreadsheet (Sheet) inside the Excel file, not the name of the imported file.

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