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Group of Repeatable Fields

How to configure the "Group of Repeatable Fields" type question?

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This type of question allows one or a series of questions to be answered multiple times, without limitation. 

This question creates a kind of “response loop”, which ends when the user finishes the sequence and moves into the next question.  

One way to visualize it is by imagining a box with multiple columns of variables that have an indefinite number of blank rows. 

Imagine for example that you need to control the quality of different types of trees. It is not clear how many trees will be reviewed, but the information to be reported was defined: the diameter of the trunk, the color of the leaves, and the state of the bark. The user can answer this information as many times as necessary and then, when finished evaluating this item, can continue with the following questions on the form.

Another example of the usage of this question is when you need to take pictures for an incident report or the result of an installation, but it is not clear how many photographs you will need. In this case, just add the question "Photo" inside of a subform, since it allows an indefinite number of responses. 

Repeatable questions are only unlimited on Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans.

By default, when creating the question (Standard, Premium and Enterprise plans only), it will have no limit. For the Basic plan (free), when creating the question, it will have a maximum of 5 repetitions without the option to withdraw it.

Here's a demo of how to set up this question:

  • To add the question to your form and define its function:

1. Click the "+" button (blue color) or Add New Question in the lower-left corner.

2.In the new question, define:

  • Title: Define the question title. This field appears in the exported document.

  • Description: you can enter a description or explanation related to the question. This field appears only in the app, and does not appear in the exported document.

3. To add questions to the structure of the subform, click on green button " + " which will add a new question and you can select the question type among all the types of questions available:

4. Configure the questions inside the Repeatable Field as you wish to. All questions inside this field will be available to be answered as many times as needed, on that same order.

5. You can also limit the number of times it can be answered, in the advanced settings:

6. To save the question, click the "Save" button.

  • Here is an overview of how this type of question is presented on the app:

The user will be add to continue adding elements by clicking on "+ ADD DATA" until he decides to move to the next question (Next).

Important: You can fully view the first response to a repeatable question.


All set!! 

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