How to create a QR code to share my form
How to generate a QR code to share your forms
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In DataScope, it is possible to share your forms through a link directly by DataScope, through Google Forms, messaging applications among others.

At the moment in DataScope there is no option to generate a QR code, however, through the public link it is possible to use external tools that will help you in the creation of the QR code.

By means of a QR code, it is possible to scan the content or link of the form through a mobile device. There are many pages that offer both paid and free options to create the code from different elements (URL, email, social network, etc). One of the pages in which it is possible to create the code for free, for example, is

To create the code that leads to the scan of the form link, it is necessary to enter the page and choose the URL option, then paste the shared public link of your form and finally click on the green button Download below to download the image with the code.

The page has many functionalities that can generate value and adapt to your needs. It is important to note that to read these codes it is necessary to use a smartphone that has a QR reading application installed, which allows the code to be scanned through the cell phone camera and then processed to display the content.


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