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How to generate a link to share your forms using Google Forms integration
How to generate a link to share your forms using Google Forms integration
How to export your forms to Google Forms and generate a link to share them
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At DataScope you can generate links to share and send your forms using a URL by email, messaging applications, create QR codes, among other options.

You have two options to share your forms through a link: share it directly on DataScope or through a Google Forms integration.

📌 Share it using Google Forms:

  1. On our Web Platform, enter the Mobile Form Builder and click Configure> Share on the form you would like to share:

2. Then, click on the "Export Google Form" button and wait for the confirmation of the platform (it may take a few minutes and while you can see a "Loading Form ..." notice):

3. After the page loads, you will be able to view and copy the form link in Google Forms:

You can also edit the form, using the green button "Edit Google Form".

📌 Important:

  • After that, every time the form is answered in Google Forms, the response is automatically sent to DataScope. In case you do not want the responses to be sent from Google Forms to Datascope, one solution is to duplicate the form from where it was exported (the one from Datascope) and delete the original one.

  • You can have up to 20 forms sending responses from Google Forms to DataScope for each Google account (Gmail).

  • Edits / modifications made to responses sent via Google Forms, using Google Forms, will not be reflected in DataScope (data will not be updated).

Can't load the form on Google Forms or have an error?

If you're having trouble, try closing all Google sessions currently logged into your computer (accessing for example, and then log in only with the Google account you want to export the form to.


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