Imagine the following situation:

In your form, you want the user to be able to select the country, state and city, as in this example:

Chile> Metropolitan Region> Santiago or

Chile> Metropolitan Region> Valparaíso.

In this case, we recommend creating a Custom List with all the options that you can select and use the magnifying glass in the application to generate an automatic filter.

Below you will find the details:

  1. Create a Custom List with all possible answer options in the "Name" field. Example:

Chile - Metropolitan Region - Santiago

Chile - Metropolitan Region - Valparaíso

Metropolitan Region of Chile - Viña del Mar



  • to maintain the exact format of the Platform Excel Example

  • that the Name and Code fields must contain unique values

  • that the list name will be the name of your sheet (not the file's name).

Check the following link for instructions on how to import

lists massively on the platform:

2. Import your list into your DataScope account (Settings> Lists).

3. On your form, you must use a "Single Option Data" type of question and link it to the list created, in the option "Data List Source":

Continue creating your form and click on Save Form when you're ready.

4. When accessing the form from the application, use the magnifying glass to write part of the name of the element you are looking for in the filter. The application will automatically show only the options that contain this name or part of it, as in the following example ("Metropolitan Region"):


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