DataScope can easily be integrated with any platform that has access to an integration-enabled Web Service in order to send and receive information through data integrations.

In addition, DataScope can be integrated with more than 1,000 platforms through Zapier. You can receive responses of collected data on Google Spreadsheets, Calendar, Zendesk, Asana, SMS alerts, email and more.

Platforms to integrate with DataScope

WebHooks *: Subscription allows you to receive updates or changes to the DataScope platform.

Endpoints *: API - Allows you to read and modify platform data through POST and GET requests using the HTTPS protocol with JSON content.

Zapier: Allows connection to different tools to receive and send information to more than 1,000 platforms. More info here.

Klipfolio *: Allows you to generate advanced reports using the DataScope API. You can make your own charts. More info here.

* Only available for Premium subscriptions. If you have this plan, you can request more information directly to the support team.



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